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Medication Review & Blood Tests

Medication Review Policy

Your medication review is due on the month of your birthday

 A month before your birthday we will text or call you to make an appointment for bloods to be taken.

 If you ONLY have Asthma or COPD you DO NOT NEED BLOODS

 If you continuously fail to book or do not attend your review then at the end of your birth month we will have no choice but to reduce your medication amount to two weeks supply.

Please be aware this is for your safety as we have a duty of care to make sure reviews are attended for your safety and wellbeing

Blood Tests

Our phlebotomist and health care assistants have blood test appointments every day or you can go to the hospital. Blood samples do not keep in good condition overnight so appointments for blood tests are carried out before 3.15pm to enable us to send the samples to the laboratory. Some tests, eg for cholesterol, may require you to fast before the procedure (this means that you cannot eat before the procedure, but you can have sips of water) so ask for an early morning appointment.


Rutland Lodge Medical Practice - Scott Hall Road, Leeds, LS7 3DR
  • Telephone 0113 200 7474
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